Peru Great Divide – Huaraz – Huallanca

[PT] Esta foi a primeira de de oito viagens inesquecíveis pela meio do Peru. Imagens imperdíveis e grandes aprendizagens para a vida. [EN] This was…

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Peru – Ayacucho – Abancay

[pt] Uma viagem desde Ayacucho até Abancay, de 337km que éramos para fazer em 6 dias, demoramos apenas 3! [en] A trip from Ayacucho to Abancay, of…

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Peru – Huancayo – Ayacucho

Demoramos 5 dias para viajar entre estas duas cidades. Calor, mosquitos e cansaço. Mas sobretudo, em boa companhia!

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Peru – Huamachuco

Before we came here, we didn’t know that this small town is a touristy place. Although it’s an important stop along the route between Trujillo and…

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Peru – Cajamarca

It was a calm morning that we use to feel it. We felt safe immediately. It was very different compared to our experience when we were in northern…

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Peru – Northern Peruvian Coast, is it worth to visit?

After we got spoiled by the generosity of Ecuadorian and breath the fresh air of Andes mountains for months, we were craving of beach that we didn’t…

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Colombia Book

A Travelers Book for Travelers

A journey of 2015 km on a bicycle, 150 days of adventures illustrated with sketches and photos, full of stories and memorable experiences.

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