“I will start from North and go all the way south.”

That was the plan without having a big idea where exactly I should go and was allowed to go. In all the countries I’ve visited in South East Asia, Myanmar remains the most authentic of their origins. Kindness and smiles on golden cheeks are often given to anyone that comes across their eyes.

Since English is still far from being a trade language with locals, drawing allowed me to interact with them and have great moments of fun. The sketching grabs so much their attention that most of the time I had people around me watching the whole process.

Visited Places

  • Mandalay
  • Bagan
  • Hispam
  • Inle Lake
  • Hpa-an
  • Golden Rock
  • Yangon


The sweets made my tooth fall! In Bagan, after one meal I had the best tamarind flakes, that apparently is a treat from locals (or maybe is already included on my bill!). Overall the food is spicy! I since can’t really appreciate it, my diet was lots of chicken and rice ..ha ha.


The transportation is far from being perfectly developed. I couldn’t ask much from a country that is slowly understanding tourism. There are a few areas you still need permission to go, but the most traveled places are ready to receive any backpacker.


The communication could be one when you need to search for a specific place or restaurant. People will try to help even if they don’t have any clue where it is.

Transportation takes time because the roads aren’t that good. So yes, it’s great to think about what I have enjoyed and get ready for the new destination.

How much

Accommodation is the most unfair price to pay for all the journey. Prices are quite varied and the more remotely you travel, the more quality drops. Watch out for the bed bugs!

Luís Simões

Portuguese traveler and illustrator on a world sketching tour since 2012. Leaving comfort to enjoy a new life with the company of backpacks and sketchbooks, made me build this website and share it with all of you.

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