Bolivia – Cochabamba

You asked me to do more travel sketching videos and here it is! On this video I give you 6 simple…

Peru – Choquequirao

Quando cheguei às ruínas de Choquequirao confesso que pensei que iriam ser maiores. Algo no meu…

Colombia – Cartagena

It was six in the morning in Cartagena when I woke up. I looked out the window and saw the clear…

Colombia – Barranquilla

How is to draw and travel in Barranquilla?

Colombia – Ciénaga

How we changed plans from staying on a hotel in Ciénaga and ended up on a local house.

Colombia – Bahia Concha Day 1

A primeira noite na tenda em Bahia Concha, Colombia.

Colombia – Bogotá

Era o meu segundo dia em Bogotá e o meu amigo colombiano David Filipe, acompanhou-nos na primeira…

Canada – Toronto

Toronto, our first destination country, even if it was for one night.