Travel and sketch is what keeps me alive.

I may give some ‘punches’ on the grammar

Hi, my friend! My name is Luís and I’m from Portugal, yep the same country as “that” famous football player… you don’t imagine how much I get that while I travel! Let me start by telling you – if you don’t already understand – I’m not a native English speaker and I was just a so-so student. This is why I may give some “punches” on the grammar (Portuguese sentence), but I’m not that amazing in Portuguese too… so that’s why you’ll see here some posts in English and others in Portuguese.

As you get from the title of the website I love to sketch since I was a kid, but I never dedicate any time to learn properly. That’s why I started this crazy sketching travel around the world, to actually practice often and make great memories of it. Yes, I don’t have a good memory too…

“It wasn’t enough to keep myself motivated for that kind of life.”

But let’s rewind, after university in 2003, I became a 3d motion designer but there was no information on how to do 3D! There were only complex 3D programs and heavy computers that would make a lot of noise and take a long time to process a few render frames. Although I don’t miss it one single bit of it, I do remember the hours I put myself into tutorials and English manuals… tedious but well it was the only way to learn and I could pay the bill.

Among my work, I was playing Korfball, I really miss the high competition, play with the national team and most of all the friendship. But – there’s always a but when everything is going well – on my 30’s I “flipped the coin” and I decided to do the so-called “get out of the comfort zone”.

Yes in 2011 computers were crazy faster than 2003, the apps were way much sexy and easy, and the renders were done in “render-farms”. Yes, family and friends were getting married and having their first babies. Yes, my girlfriend, friends, house, car, and my PS3 was all I invested on… but it wasn’t enough to keep myself motivated for that kind of life.

I left home in March 2012 to start the mother of all the trips: “The World Tour”.

I stopped with all that was grounding me and planned my “great escape”. As much as many friends were thinking that I was running away from something, I just wanted to go for an adventure and sketch as much as I could.

I never imagine what things I would encounter during my journey but you know what… I don’t regret one single moment of my decision. During all these years I’ve tried to find new places with new goals. I was never very good at writing stories – my Portuguese teacher knows it well – and I was quite if I had to share my own life, but I had no way out then learn how to do it. One thing I tell you: sketching and traveling are what excites my life now and that’s what I will write about in here.