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Like anything, if we give our time to something we get to know more about it. That’s exactly what I have been doing with my WordPress site and plugins. On my last post on how to keep my blog updated, I told you how I burned my eyes trying to understand how things work, more than just write a few words and publish them here.

I also said to not use too many plugins because it could make your blog heavy, therefore, I thought of let you know what I’m using to makes things flowing well.

Before I continue, it’s been quite interesting how suddenly a “world sketching tour” guy becomes a geek and posts some sort of tutorials on his blog!?

“when I’m in, I’m IN, to know and learn it for real!”

Enhanced Media Library

This allows me to manage my images and put them on categories, which is great once you start to have a long list of pictures on your blog and you need some organization.

Flickr Justified Gallery

To save space on my web server, I host my travel pictures on Flickr, even though it might slow down the loading time of the photo galleries, it has been so far my choice. With this plugin, I can show my Flickr photostream, photosets, galleries, group pools, or tags on my blog, with a good looking layout.

If you are simply searching for a good WP gallery with no Flickr integration I recommend the Photo Gallery.

W3 Total Cache

This plugin comes as number one on top of the list for increasing blog’s performance. Took me a while to understand what exactly this big guy does and to tackle all the settings well. My advice is: do a search for tutorials on YouTube and follow them carefully, especially if you are a rookie like me 😉

Wordfence Security

“Experts” say this plugin is absolutely recommended.  I confess that I’m not a big fan of following the crowd but, let’s face it, it’s the internet and a bit of safety never hurt anyone. Since is not an easy install and use plugin, I also had to give a look on tutorials and what is the recommended settings to use it. Try it !

Yoast SEO

Last, the trouble maker… not the plugin, but the little work a blog asks to make it socially shareable and linked with google, facebook, and other search engines. Took me around 2 days to understand how to put the whole blog right, and be able to share my pages or pictures with all the right metadata (and it’s not all done yet…).

Regardless the many features Yoast SEO have, my favorite is the brilliant tool to focus on a keyword when I’m writing articles and then the tool makes sure I’m using it well.

That’s it! If you don’t understand anything about what I’m writing (which is more than normal), and wondering why the hell this comes on a website like this, the answer is simple:

“because after enjoying, it’s fun to share it!”

I didn’t want to make a long explanation around the plugins since there are better “experts” out there and with a simple search, you find it all! As time goes by I might find new ones and try them, but if you know any that I didn’t list and you love it, please share it with me!