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Behind The Sketches

Learn about the techniques and materials behind the sketches.

Argentina – Vila Rivadavia

Episode 9 of World Sketching Tour. This is a sketch I did in Argentina. After sometime cycling, the weather was quite hot. so I camp near a river and had enough time to enjoy my time sketching this little village called Vila Rivadavia.

Chile – Lake Pangue

Episode 8 of World Sketching Tour. While cycling in Chilean lakes region I took an early break to enjoy the beautiful Pangue Lake and do a sketch. This time there's no talking, just a real-time video of me sketching and painting. Patrons will, of course, have the privilege to see it and comment first and I will answer their questions.

Bolivia – Cerro Caquella

Episode 7 of World Sketching Tour. An end of the day with a rainstorm brings the opportunity to enjoy Cerro Caquella, Bolivia.

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Travel Books

South America by Bicycle

A precious documental of our journey that can be useful to anyone that wants to visit Colombia or Ecuador – on a bicycle – or just loves to travel.

Our Latest Destinations

After traveling in 2012 on a camper van, in 2013 by train from Moscow to Beijing, in 2015 with a Vespa in India, in 2016 in New Zealand with a car… today I’m traveling with Anisa on a bicycle. See our latest adventures!

Peru – Choquequirao

A viagem aventura que foi fazer o caminho até às ruínas de Choquequirao em 3 dias. Lê o que aconteceu à Anisa e como foi sobreviver aos mosquitos!

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Peru Great Divide – Huaraz – Huallanca

[PT] Esta foi a primeira de de oito viagens inesquecíveis pela meio do Peru. Imagens imperdíveis e grandes aprendizagens para a vida.

[EN] This was the first of eight unforgettable trips through Peru. Unmissable images and great learnings for life.

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Peru – Ayacucho – Abancay

[pt] Uma viagem desde Ayacucho até Abancay, de 337km que éramos para fazer em 6 dias, demoramos apenas 3!

[en] A trip from Ayacucho to Abancay, of 337km that we were supposed to do in 6 days and it took only 3 days!

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