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world sketching tour

My goal is to create sketches capturing the experiences and show the world with my eyes.

Join me and my girlfriend, Anisa, on this adventure trough this website. Comment our creations as well the great experiencies – good and not so good ones – and photos that Anisa and I share here.

Luís Simões

I’m a proud Portuguese with a graphic design formation. The serious traveling and sketching started in 2012 when I went on this World Sketching Tour. The plan was simple: leave comfort to enjoy a new life with the company of backpacks and sketchbooks. This website is to share it with all of you and inspire all the dreamers.

Anisa Subekti

I was born and grown up in Surabaya, Indonesia. I learn that different people with different experience attracted me. Also, I’m always eager to travel and explore new places. Travel allowed me to meet many kinds of people with their differences. That said, I’m definitely sure that I will learn something.

Travel Sketches

The main goal of the World Sketching Tour is to travel and sketch. There is no better satisfaction for me while I travel then discover places and give them time to be absorbed while I do an illustration in location. I only use watercolor, pens and pencils, because they are easy to carry and practical. I believe there is something magical on capturing a journey with sketches and that can make anyone inspired to travel.

Cartagena, Colombia

It was six in the morning in Cartagena when I woke up. I looked out the window and saw the clear sky. I dressed and packed the "office" bag with me.

Barranquilla, Colombia

How is to draw and travel in Barranquilla?

Ciénaga, Colombia

How we changed plans from staying on a hotel in Ciénaga and ended up on a local house.

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Colombia Book

A Travelers Book for Travelers

A journey of 2015 km on a bicycle, 150 days of adventures illustrated with sketches and photos, full of stories and memorable experiences.

Our Latest Destinations

After traveling in 2012 on a camper van, in 2013 by train from Moscow to Beijing, in 2015 with a Vespa in India, in 2016 in New Zealand with a car… today I’m traveling with Anisa on a bicycle. See our latest adventures!

Huamachuco, Peru

Before we came here, we didn’t know that this small town is a touristy place. Although it’s an important stop along the route between Trujillo and Cajamarca, two of the most important cities in northern Peru, Huamachuco receives very few visitors.

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Cajamarca, Peru

It was a calm morning that we use to feel it. We felt safe immediately. It was very different compared to our experience when we were in northern Peruvian coast that brought us here, to Cajamarca.

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Northern Peruvian Coast, is it worth to visit?

After we got spoiled by the generosity of Ecuadorian and breath the fresh air of Andes mountains for months, we were craving of beach that we didn’t have it for more than 8 months. So, we decided to ride our bicycles along the Peruvian coast.

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