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Over the last 10 days? …maybe more, a friend told me that my page has so much potential, but (and there’s always a but), it’s a waste of energy if no one could engage with it!

In fact, I do know that I don’t really update this place very often and so it was never my intention to bring people here… but then, why we want to have a web page if we don’t share anything?

My friend suggested me to do some changes that to get more interactivity with everyone that comes to my “house”. And in case you’re also trying to keep your “backyard” clean, here is my basic list I did for me, for careless page owners.

1. What am I showing that is so interesting to someone view my page?

That was my first question and it is always at the back of my head, to keep me focus on what is really important to share. Having a strategy on what I post, will only make my life easier and spend more time on what is meaningful to me. Plus, I really prefer to be outdoors than on a cafe digging on my laptop!

2. Get a straightforward template for your blog.

In my case, I don’t have the patient to spend a lot of time on personal pages or blogs searching for things. After some time I get tired if I don’t find it interesting or not organized. To avoid losing visitors, I should keep things simple and make a good structure for the navigation.

3. Say no to lots of “plugins”.

Yes, they are great! And yes, they will congestion your website and will take ages to load each page. That’s what happened to me once I was getting too excited about it. So to keep your house clean and fast use only what is essential for a good performance.

4. Get yourself a nice chair, time and good internet.

Because it’s never that easy as the blog companies advertise it, I was refreshing and refreshing my page, until I get the results I wanted. It is a frustrating consuming time around CSS configuration and HTML’s codes to put a website interactive. Installing apps to make it flow and figuring out how it works… it will kill your eyes! …and yes, a good internet will really help to do all this.

5. Last, and (perhaps) the most important stop being lazy and feed my blog!

Giving my thoughts sometime and write them down is how I start to write. They might never become good enough for a post, but having that routine I believe it might help me to keep me active.

Since I’m in Bali, Indonesia and where I live the internet really sucks, imagine all I said in sloooow mooootion, sweating all day because it’s so hot that flys get fried while they fly!

Luís Simões

Portuguese traveler and illustrator on a world sketching tour since 2012. Leaving comfort to enjoy a new life with the company of backpacks and sketchbooks, made me build this website and share it with all of you.

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