World Sketching Tour

5 continents, 5 years, 1 dream.

“I want to open new page,
a new sketchbook in my life.”

The initial video documentary of the project was done in 2011.

From the beginning

The idea started during a trip to Croatia in 2011. While I was wondering around with my sketchbook, I realised that I never gave myself a chance to improve my drawing skills. I found traveling to be a great channel of inspiration for sketching …and sketching to be the key for a detailed search for new places and ways to tell stories.

Instinctively I knew it would take a while to develop and learn how to draw and tell stories, so I decided to set aside a long period of time, to travel around the world. A five year adventure of sketching every day seemed like the perfect dream, with all the opportunity to learn and improve day-by-day. And so, I started to put my idea into practice.

I mapped my route: Europe, Asia, Oceania, America from North to South and Africa and picked a day to set off: 16th of March, 2012.

Where did I went so far


Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany,
Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland,
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic,
Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Montenegro, Turkey, and Russia.


Mongolia, China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau,
India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia,
Philippines, and Indonesia.


Australia and New Zealand.

Media & Visibility

“Luis Simoes has visited 29 countries in the past two years, traversing Europe and Asia and documenting every step.”

CNN – 2013







Future Plans

America and Africa
is not done yet,
is it next?

Yes! After all this years on the road, the dream has been growing and changing as much as I do. Yet, I follow my original travel plan in therms of sketching my experiences and visite the new continents. For sure 5 years wasn’t enough for me to sketch and travel the 5 continents …but that’s what makes this project a life journey!