Work & Traveling

During my world sketchy journey
one thing I’ve learn: everything can happen.

Spending all my savings on travels is quite difficult to maintain on the long run, and so its mandatory to work when there is a chance!

My first paid work after I quit my job

Visão Vida e Viagens

In 2012 when I left Portugal I got a commission work with a magazine called Visão Vida e Viagens. For the first time, my sketches would be published every month with a short storytelling of my travel experiences.

My first work as an illustrator

Eight Partnership

In Hong Kong, 2014, I got for the first time the opportunity to work with a great creative agency called Eight Partnership. My job was to do illustrated visuals with urban sketching feeling.

By the end of my staying in Hong Kong, CNN published an article about me and the project and after that my work was shown a bit everywhere in the world.

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The best travel tour I did in my country

Centro de Portugal

In 2017, after 5 years of traveling around Europe, Asia and Oceania I came back to my country, and Tourism of Center Portugal proposed me to explore the beautiful and diverse places in center, to sketch them the way I see it. Hands down that this was the best work I did since I put my life in backpacks and went in this world sketching adventure.

This was some of my work during the last years of traveling. So if you need an experienced urban sketcher / illustrator, with a good sense of communication and well travelled, I’m the one you have been looking for. Send me a message thru the form or with your ideas and let’s work together !